Changing Receipt Printer Paper in the Pax A80

Terminal Model: A80
Paper Type: Thermal paper roll, 2 1/4” wide (approx. 1-1/2” diameter).
Recommended Vendor:

Changing the receipt printer paper on the Pax A80 is very easy. Please follow the instructions below. You can use receipt paper purchased from any third-party, paper provider. Make sure the receipt paper is thermal paper and is 2 1/4” wide. The roll can be between 50 feet long and 85 feet long depending on paper thickness. The paper roll outer diameter is 50mm or approx. 1.96 inches. The receipt printer can print at 50 lines/sec.

Open the paper compartment by lifting the back cover upwards.

Insert the paper roll into the paper compartment with the paper flap coming from the back and up over the roll.

Let the paper loosely lay on top of the black roller and compartment cover and then close the paper hatch.

Tear off any extra paper that is sticking out and the receipt printer is now reader to print.


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